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During the day, this Friendly Door Monster is a very likable companion. This elegant tough guy is essential in every drafty house, to keep doors open or closed.

But at night, he makes sure you are safe and sound. By keeping your bedroom door ajar, just enough to let in a sliver of light, he makes sure your room is not too dark…
It’s the perfect Monster to keep out unsavory types, like a bouncer for your bedroom.

This Monster becomes a ‘hefty type’ because you fill it with dried peas or beans.

Terry, PVC (heart) and a zipper

Shown on the right: Fuchsia Pink, Blue, Apple Green, Aqua and Orange are all in stock.

Available in stores in The Netherlands:
Datscha (Delft), IZMOOIZO (Rotterdam)

Images: Marlous Snijder

35 euroOrder now!
1 in stock.