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dimensions (cm)

18 x 25,5 x 0,5

Crackle Monsters (amicus benignus delectare causa strepitus) just love to be around little baby’s. When they are tickled by little baby fingers they crackle with joy. With their crispy noises they hope to evoke mischievous grins or small roars.

Because Crackle Monsters are such fidgets, they are terrible at playing hide-and-seek. They give away their hiding place, because they can’t sit still long enough…

Terry and nylon

Shown on the right: Dark Purple (limited edition), Orange, Apple Green, Sunny Yellow, Blue, Aqua and Fuchsia Pink are all in stock.

Available in stores in The Netherlands:
Datscha (Delft), IZMOOIZO (Rotterdam)

Images: Marlous Snijder

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