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dimensions (cm)

12,5 x 1,5 x 7

iMonster protects your phone by swallowing it whole and keeping it safe in its belly.

It may feel strange to feed it your phone for the first time, but donít worry, itíll disgorge it on command.

Be warned though...It gets a bit overprotective at times, which causes it to snap at your fingers, just when your phone is ringing.

Fortunately there have been no reports of iMonsters hurting their owners!

Apple iPhone 3, 3Gs, 4.
Other similar sized smartphones and small digital cameras. Please visit one of the real-life stores to check if your phone or camera fits the iMonstersí belly. No store near you? Maybe I can help you!

Terry and felt

Orange, Aqua, Dark Purple (limited edition), Apple Green, Blue and Fuchsia Pink are all in stock.

Available in stores in The Netherlands:
Datscha (Delft), IZMOOIZO (Rotterdam),

Images: Marlous Snijder

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1 in stock.