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Tub Monsters (amicus benignus lavare) love to spend their time in the bathroom. When you turn the faucet of your shower or bathtub, it will be hard to resist those tiny black eyes and that friendly smile!You’ll just háve to take it with you.

They love to lather you, blow soap-bubbles (it’s impossible to have too much bubbles!) and they keep the soap from getting into your eyes.

If you are small or ‘all grown up’, it’s always fun to have a friend to splash around with…

Terry and PVC (heart)

Shown on the right: Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Apple Green, Sunny Yellow, Aqua and Orange are all in stock.

Available in stores in The Netherlands:
Datscha (Delft), IZMOOIZO (Rotterdam)

Images: Marlous Snijder

18 euroOrder now!
1 in stock.