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Michelle Kuipers

The products on this website are made with great pleasure by me, Michelle Kuipers. I studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University and now I have my own studio, where I design products to make people happy.

Based in Rotterdam, I design and breath life into the Friendly Monsters. As soon as they are ready, they keep me company, until they can be sent to their new homes.

It is my goal to make products that people really want to have, to take along, to touch, cuddle, use… that is why it is possible to give your personal preferences when ordering a product. If I can make you happy, by making a product that better fits you? You make me happy because I get to do so!

I never could have dreamt up the world Maarten Pinxten created for this website. He makes floating around in it possible.

Threads, fabric and love.